Balancing on Húsafell, 2016

HD Colour Video, Single Channel, Sound, Duration 4:00 mins.

From Balancing on Húsafell, Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016

Carried out on the edge of a busy roundabout at a large boulder across the road from a legendary Icelandic MMA gym, this film contemplates the weight of the body, a crocheted chain made from Lopi (Icelandic lightly spun wool) and the boulder. The title refers the film to a trandition of men lifting and carrying the Húsafell stone as a test of their strength for over 200 years. Without pitting one material against another it attempts an equilibrium between the wool’s breaking point and the balancing of the body against a heavy weight. Both a performance to passerby's and an act made specifically for the camera, this is a personal endeavor to forge more primal connections and a better understanding of a specific place.