I Used to Pluck Moss from Walls, 2018

HD Colour Video, Single Channel, Sound, Duration 6:00 min
Original Sound by Holly Moore, edited by Natasha Manners

From Flock and Fold, SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2018.

I Used to Pluck Moss from Walls, guides the viewer through a seemingly scientific study of numerous small, amorphous green crochet balls. These woollen forms are used in place of living moss to consider the human need to interact with and have an impact on the surrounding environment.

Captured through a tight frame at ground-level the subject assumes a tentative pose, leaning in to examine and collect information about the green forms. This composed yet curious investigation continues as the subject measures, documents and draws the ‘moss’ balls.

It soon alters however to assume an air of fretful anticipation that reveals a desire to physically interact with the surrounding space. Teetering in a pivotal moment of reckoning with this longing, the narrative abruptly shifts to an accumulative greed. The subject seizes individual woollen balls and before long is indiscriminately grasping for entire handfuls, gradually stockpiling the whole area leaving the ground bare.

Upon all the green balls being gathered the subject comes to a gentle halt as their frenzied appetite to absorb the environment diminishes. With recovered cognizance they linger for a short time in reflection and once complete arise to leave the site.