I've never had a peep hole before (April), 2017

HD Colour Video, Single Channel, Sound, Duration 4:40 mins

Part of House Show, Constance ARI, Hobart, 2017. 

I don't think I've ever had a peephole on my door before. I've definitely never had one looking on to someone else's door.

My idea of home has recently changed slightly after moving from a detached house to a small apartment building. One of the tenants regularly leaves their front door open, another leaves various belongings scattered outside theirs, and I have been looking through the peephole on my door now for a few weeks watching the comings and goings of my neighbour without their knowledge.

This ongoing work further investigates my interest in personal and shared space; it’s form is a diaristic type video documenting the space between my front door and the one 2.4 metres opposite. It presents another version of the female gaze in relation to the domestic environment, as well as considering what a ‘sense of security’ means for a young woman living alone (or with another young woman) in a city. The work is not a completely one sided narrative, over the course of each scene there are changes on my side of the door too communicated through sound; the music, podcasts, conversations I’m having at the time, which give an accidental glimpse to my personal life.